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8:00 am to 5:00 pm, Monday through Friday 


Second Floor, City Hall, 203 S. Farwell Street 


(715) 839-4934 


(715) 552-7288 


Leah Ness, Transportation Engineer               

The Parking Utility provides for the operation and maintenance of Downtown Parking Ramps, City-owned parking lots, and on-street parking meters. Enforcement of parking regulations is provided by the Police Department.





Downtown Parking Update

If you’re looking to make a quick stop downtown or planning to stay a while, the City has parking options for you. See the Downtown Parking Map that summarizes the recent changes to parking regulations.  In general, all metered and on-street 2-hour parking downtown is now enforced from 6 am to 6 pm, 7 days a week.  Permit parking is enforced during the week based on posted times of parking lots.  Most municipal parking lots have free parking after 5 pm during the week in the permit parking stalls. The information below summarizes the downtown parking by Free Parking, On-Street Parking, Metered Parking, and Permit Parking.  If you have questions regarding where to park, various parking options or general parking questions, please call the Engineering Department at 715.839.4934. 

  • Free Parking – There are several options for free parking.  Some lots provide longer restricted time frames during the week; some lots have no restrictions in the evenings or on weekends.
    • Forest Street Lot, 4-hour limit 9 am – 5 pm Mon-Fri, Sat & Sun
    • Redevelopment Authority Lot, 2-hour limit 9 am – 4 pm Mon-Fri, Free in Permit stalls 4 pm – 3 am Mon-Fri, Sat & Sun
    • Railroad Lot, 6 pm to 6 am
    • Riverview Lot, Free in permit stalls 5 pm – 7 am Mon-Fri, Sat & Sun
    • Barstow Street (Four Corners) Lot, 2-hour limit 9 am -5 pm Mon-Fri
    • Farwell Street Lot, Free in Permit Stalls 5 pm – 7 am Mon-Fri, Sat & Sun
    • Schlegelmilch-McDaniel Lot, 5 pm – 9 am Mon-Fri, Sat & Sun
    • Riverside Parking Deck, Free in Permit Stalls 5 pm – 7 am Mon-Fri, Sat & Sun
    • Seaver Street Lot, 5 pm – 9 am Mon-Fri, Sat & Sun
    • On-street, 6:00 pm to 2:00 am

  • On-Street Parking – Between the hours of 6 am and 6 pm, on-street parking in the downtown area is restricted to 2-hour parking.  This allows for quick stops at a store, restaurant, or business.  Parking is free on-street between the hours of 6:00 pm and 2:00 am and between 2:00 am to 6:00 am there is no on-street parking in the downtown area.  Watch for signage to provide guidance of on-street parking.

  • Metered Parking – Adjacent to the public library and in several of the downtown parking lots, metered parking is available.  Meters are enforced 6 am to 6 pm, except holidays.  Meters are $0.25/hr with exception of the Riverside parking Deck and the Farwell Street\Gibson Street ramp which are $0.50/hr.
    • Railroad Street Lot, 72 - 12-hour meters
    • Library Parking Lot,  22 - 2-hour meters
    • Riverview Lot, 16 - 4-hour meters
    • Farwell Street Lot, 6 - 10-hour meters and 3 - 2-hour meters
    • Transfer Center Lot, 45 - 4-hour meters
    • Riverside Parking Deck, 13 - 4-hour meters
    • Farwell Street\Gibson Street Parking Ramp, 305 stalls - $8 24-hour max

  • Permit Parking – For longer term parking downtown, there are several options, all of which can be purchased at City Hall.  Permit fees are dependent on location and type of permit being purchased.
    • Municipal Permit, provides access to park in multiple lots and on-street
      • Railroad Lot
      • Farwell Street Lot
      • Seaver Street Lot
      • Schlegelmilch-McDaniel Lot
      • On-street on the 400 blocks of South Dewey Street and Gray Street
    • Riverside Parking Deck, Upper or Lower Level
    • Riverview Parking Lot
    • Farwell/Gibson Street Parking Ramp